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     The New Cracow Friendship Society condemns the brutal and cowardly attack against innocent Israeli citizens. There are not adequate words to describe the surprise attack and taking of civilian hostages, American citizens among them.


     As an organization created by Holocaust survivors who had no Israel to provide a safe haven for them, the New Cracow Friendship Society stands strongly with Israel and her right to exist.

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We are a non-profit international organization established in 1965 by survivors of the Holocaust from Krakow, Poland and carried on by their descendants. Our membership includes survivors, descendants and relatives from the pre-war Polish Galicia Regions.

The Creation Of 'The Vanishing',

 Its Next Step, & Its Impact As A Tool To Teach About the Holocaust

Click HERE to watch the event.

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Commemoration of the 81st Anniversary of the Liquidation of the Krakow Ghetto


March 17, 2024 at the Lake Success Jewish Center.

Click HERE to view a recording of 2023's event.

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